A Diet Book Indian Kidney Patients Always Wanted

In Their own languages - Hindi, Marathi & English

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This book is for all who feel the need for Renal Diet :

·           Patients and their caregivers

·         Students of Nutrition & Dietetics

·           Nursing students.

·            Nursing staff in Dialysis Units

·         Post Kidney Transplant-Care Staff

·          Dialysis Technicians

In a hectic work schedule of a kidney doctor, patients expect that the doctor talks at length on the diet planning. However, the best that the doctor can do is to refer the patient to a kidney dietitian.

Having known Dr Suneeti as an avid counsellor, it was only natural to think that those counselling sessions should now take shape of a book that the patients can refer to repeatedly and the doctor can now hand over a copy saying, “this is my diet counselling to you !”

Dr. Suneeti has found an accomplished partner in Dr. Rachana Jasani to complement her in completing the task.

Diet plays an important role in the management of most non communicable chronic diseases. In fact, the moment patient is diagnosed with a disease, the first question that is posed to the doctor is, “Was it because of something I ate?”

These beliefs are deep rooted in our minds from an era prior to scientific advancements. In ancient times, if one developed a disease one would try to correlate it with what they ate the previous day and then try to avoid it in the future, thinking it might help. That’s how the concept of parhez (abstinence from certain food items) came to stick.

With progress in medical science, we have now reached a stage where we can pinpoint to different constituents of food playing any role in non-communicable diseases like chronic kidney disease.

It is now, more about planning to include food items rather than leave them out simply out of fear.

This book serves to address these misconceptions by explaining scientific concepts behind each aspect of diet planning in kidney diseases.

This book says it is possible to have a normal diet even if one is suffering from kidney disease. Moderation remains the key. Let the world of a kidney patient be not all about parhez!

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