Chronic Kidney Disease.

All You ever wanted to know.

Dr Ashwinikumar Khandekar

Consultant Nephrologist, Nagpur

Chronic Kidney Disease in India is under-diagnosed, under-treated and probably more importantly under-educated.

The commonest cause of CKD, as per data from CKD registry of India, is the kidney disease caused by long standing diabetes.

The second position is ‘held’ by ‘undetermined cause’ and this is unique to developing countries since early detection of chronic diseases is very very poor. This could, partly, be due to lack of awareness not only among the lay people, but also the primary care physicians and secondary care hospitals.

The other important aspect of CKD in developing countries is the affordability of the patients. Most patients have to bear their own healthcare expenditures which are often beyond their income.

Added to that, they often become jobless once an advanced disease is detected and that only serves to compound the problem. Insurance is not availed or afforded by most of them.

Having seen these problems, the best ‘solution’ is to detect the disease in its early stage, spread the awareness regarding better management of Hypertension and Diabetes.

One myth that is surprisingly common is that Kidney transplants are not so successful ! We hope to decimate this belief and inform our readers how successful kidney transplants can be and how it completely changes one’s life !!

If the disease is detected at early stage and proper measures instituted early, progression to late stages that require expensive treatment options like dialysis or kidney transplant, can be retarded and thus a lot of expenditure curtailed.

Watch This Very Short Video - What is CKD.

Most websites have information that is more relevant to western countries. We have ensured that we assimilate and present data and information that relates to India and developing countries and thus ‘connect’ adequately with these populations.

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About The Author

Dr Ashwinikumar Khandekar is a practicing Nephrologist at Kingsway Hospital, Nagpur. He is keen to spread awareness about chronic kidney disease and renal replacement therapy.

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Originally published Apr 2021